Episode 4: Portland Vegfest

Stumptown Vegans Episode #4: VegFest Review with Karla of Veganshizzle

The 4th Annual Portland Vegfest, presented by NW Veg, was held on May 9th and 10th, 2008 and we made sure to be there.

Whether you attended or not, listen us as we discuss our favorite samples, why we go, what we learned in cooking classes, and what we really think about Temptation Ice Cream.

We’re joined by vegan product review specialist and fellow Portlander, Karla from Veganshizzle. Brace yourself for a ton of show notes!

Show Notes:

may 2008 early 026


4 responses to “Episode 4: Portland Vegfest

  1. Very enjoyable podcast. I always mean to go to Vegfest and never do. Think I will go next time. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for listening, Krissy – see you next year!

  3. Hi ladies,
    Thanks so much for your fantastic review of our truffles, it means the world to us! We’d love for you to have our website linked from your podcast, instead of the Belle Sirota website, which is one of our 5 retail locations…..as we have our own fledgling website too!!!

    Come see us at the markets this summer, we have new flavors for you to try!
    Love, Melissa & Trisanna

    http://www.MissionaryChocolates.com !!!

  4. Your chocolates are just so wonderful! The link has just been updated – see you this summer!

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