Episode 8: Interview with Nick Zukin, Part 1

Episode 8: Interview with Nick Zukin, Part 1

In July 2009, Portland based food writer and restaurateur Nick Zukin abandoned his carnivorous roots for a month-long Vegan Quest.

The food connoisseur behind ExtraMSG, the Portlandfood.org forums, and both Kenny & Zuke’s establishments, was interested “to see what it’s like to live as a vegan. Call it a form of cultural anthropology, like living with a tribe in the Amazon or something. That’s not intended to be demeaning. I just mean to highlight the truly incommensurable differences between my world and the vegan world. I aim to walk in their shoes”.

Join the Stumptown Vegans as we sit down to discuss his experience in the first part of this interview.

Show Notes:

Stay tuned for Part 2!


9 responses to “Episode 8: Interview with Nick Zukin, Part 1

  1. Wonderful interview! It’s really interesting to hear Nick’s thoughts on vegan food options in Portland.

    I agree with more salads and veggies on menus–it’s so frikkin easy to load up on carbs and fried foods at restaurants in Portland.

    I would be curious to see the difference between eating out as a vegan in Portland, and making your own food for a month. I’m pretty sure there would be weight loss as opposed to weight gain, and there would definitely be more veggies and fruits and grains.

    Thanks, stumptownvegan superheroes!

  2. I really enjoyed the podcast. And Janessa is right — you have a lot more options with home cooked food, and that you can eat healthier/lighter, etc. at home. I lost about 25 pounds pretty effortlessly by eating primarily vegan.

    I’m totally with Nick about the state of vegan restaurants in Portland. It’s food and not much else, which is so very sad. With my own and friends’ vegan cooking, I don’t want for animal products because it’s well seasoned and tasty. I’d love to see that in Portland restaurants as well.

  3. Thanks Janessa and vj.
    We agree. Eating out can take a toll on your body, as we can attest to! There is plenty of vegan junk food out there to create unhealthy vegans who make their own food or eat out consistently. Balance is key!

  4. There is a thick slab of foie gras depicted in your 10-01 link. Not funny, Nick.

  5. The 10-01 link above goes directly to the restaurant.
    Don’t click if you don’t want to visit their homepage.

    All the best.

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  7. Its not Ten 01 but Le Pidgeon (see page source below). IMO, putting in a picture of foie gras had to have been intentional.

    Le Pigeon

  8. Ah, Joe – I see what you are saying.

    We linked to his write up there.

  9. Joe – It must be intentional, but it’s also interesting that a restaurant who has gotten a lot of negative attention from vegans was even willing to make a special vegan meal. I am not saying we should all support them now, but that it’s important they didn’t turn their nose up at the request.

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