Episode 12: Vegan Wine Discussion and Local Chocolate Review

Episode 12: Vegan Wine Discussion and Local Chocolate Review

Webly and Jess sit down with Jess, a local vegan and professional wine steward, for an in-depth conversation about wine.  Jess, the wine steward, touches upon her personal favorites, what isn’t vegan about a lot of wine, food pairings, regional wines, and more.

All three vegans also sample an array of chocolates purchased from local chocolatiers, and review in detail.  Missionary’s chocolate mint truffle, Sahagun’s brand new Stumptown pure coffee bar, and Alma’s fig and marzipan chocolate, were among the favorites!

Show Notes:


Chocolate Review:

Of course, there are more vegan chocolates available around town, and our selection was limited to what we were able to buy in time.  Please let us know if you have other local favorites to recommend!

Which leads into…

Upcoming Valentine’s Day Events/Vegan Options in Portland

Local Chocolate Review, Round 1
Stumptown Vegans Podcast

Chocolate Prep
Stumptown Vegans Podcast


Please feel free to contact Stumptownvegans [AT] gmail.com if you’d like to get in touch with Jess, the wine steward, about wine questions or personal consultations.

As always, feel free to email us or contact us on twitter with questions.

P.S. Two Additional Portland Vegan Friendly Wine Notes:

  • We hear that Vino Vixens wine shop on SE Powell is vegan friendly.
  • Alu Wine Bar on NE MLK has a vegan label specifying their vegan friendly wines, as well.

4 responses to “Episode 12: Vegan Wine Discussion and Local Chocolate Review

  1. Thanks for the kind words about Barnivore! We’ve been working really hard at keeping up to date over the past year and have lots of exciting plans for 2010!

    As a heads up, we do have Three Buck Chuck in the list, but until just a few minutes ago you would have had to search for Charles Shaw (the official name) – that’s been fixed, and as of today (Feb 9 2010) the reds are vegan friendly but the whites are not.

    Thanks for such an entertaining podcast!

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  3. I cannot believe I just discovered you! As a podcast enthusiast and vegan (ish) person, I am VERY excited to listen in! Any thoughts to expand coverage to the rest of the nw?


  4. Viento wines in Hood River is also totally vegan! Really awesome whites!!! http://www.vientowines.com/

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