Episode #17: Sustainable Dining

On this episode, the Stumptown Vegans tackle the issue of sustainable dining.  Webly shares her expertise on the subject of sustainability and Jess makes the necessary compost jokes.

We discuss sustainable practices, dining options, and tips.

Stumptown Vegans Episode 17: Sustainable Dining

Stumptown Vegans Tips for Sustainable Dining:
1. Don’t eat meat.  Ever.
2. Walk, bike, or take Trimet to your favorite restaurants.
3. Choose restaurants that offer local, organic, fair trade, menu items.
4. Eat everything on your plate or take your own “to go” container.
5. Refuse extra dispensables you don’t need.
6. Encourage restaurants to change.


If you have any tips about responsible, sustainable dining, please share.

Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli is dedicated to sustainable practices and was a runner up for the BEST awards this year.
Image Credit MsConnections on Flickr


2 responses to “Episode #17: Sustainable Dining

  1. i guess we don’t really pimp it like everyone else does, but at the bakery we use compostable to-go stuff, we compost everything we can and recycle the rest. we get local fruit when we can, and use local sustainable flour, and much of our sugar is organic. we use local distributors as much as we can, and get our soymilk from Ota 2 blocks away. Just seems normal to me, so i’m not always saying “hey, we do this!”.

    • Lisa – That’s one of the greatest things about Portland – organic and local are often the first choice and just the way business is supposed to be run around here. Some businesses flaunt it while others, like yourself, just do what is right naturally.

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