Who we are

We are two Portland food bloggers who share their opinions and adventures with the vegan food they have encountered while eating out around our beautiful city.

We also interview local vegans and discuss topics related to food. Our podcast supplements our website: Stumptown Vegans Restaurant Reviews.

We can be critical because we also enjoy vegan cooking, along with eating out, but we are also understanding of the difficulty of owning and running any business, especially a restaurant.

Look for our show to download about every other month and get to know the women behind the restaurant reviews.

Stay Tuned:

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33 responses to “Who we are

  1. Love your site! You’re accomplishing what I’ve thought of doing for years, but was too lazy to get off my ass and do. And the pics rock. Thanks!

  2. Great site! I had no idea of a vegan waffle stand in PDX! I’ll be sure to check it out this week. It would be great it you could set up a link for readers to make suggestions of our favorite places for you to review. 🙂 Or perhaps it exsists…and I didn’t see it? Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Ellene! It was a job that needed to be done in Portland and I am glad people seem to be enjoying it.

    Michelle -We’ll take that into consideration. We have many restaurants lined up now, but if you have some place specifically, I guess this is the place to mention it.

  4. Love the site; but could you add an ‘archive’ page with links to all past entries? Thanks.

  5. You need to get over to Alberta and check out the Mash Tun and the Vita Cafe. Went to Vita Cafe recently and was pretty impressed. Sort of like if Post Punk Kitchen was a restaurant in Portland…chicken fried tempeh with gravy and mashed potatoes, etc…But a good mix of healthy stuff and comfort food.

  6. Christine – It’s in the works! Stay tuned.

    TJ – A Vita review is in the works. Hopefully it will be up this weekend. We’ve heard lots of great things about Mash Tun and their Tempeh Wings. They are on the list!

  7. i just discovered veggielicious. are you guys gonna do a review any time soon?

  8. Yes. We’ve only been there once and feel another visit would create a better review.

  9. Hi ladies. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your website. As a person of limited *funds*, it’s great to read a review before forking over the dough.

    P.S. Another vote for Veggielicious.

    Take care!

  10. Awesome site, thank you! Portland has such a wealth of great places to get vegan food, but it seems like there are always more places I’ve not even heard of yet.

    My review suggestions:

    Chaat House & India 4-U – Each of these places serve a totally delicious samosa chaat, but very different from one another.

    India 4-U has a daily lunch special, vegan option always available. If you want samosa chaat, don’t wait too long! Kumar makes the samosas fresh each morning and runs out quickly.

    Chaat House has an extensive menu and will make vegan versions of dishes — they even have a vegan mango shake that is so rich & creamy that I had to double-check to be sure it was vegan!

    Van Hahn in SE is an all vegan, Vietnamese restaurant that features amazing mock meat dishes, fantastic appetizers, and excellent soups. The lemon grass tofu sticks are a must order item. The green papaya salad appears to no longer be on the menu, which is a real shame. The steamed buns are stuffed with a very tasty mix of shredded tofu, glass noodle, bean curd skin, and potato all in a barbeque sauce. The potato rolls have a similar mix of items, without the barbeque sauce, wrapped in lettuce and rice paper. Spicy noodle soup is perfect for rainy days; especially love the sesame crackers on top. Be advised that the restaurant is run by volunteers, service can be slow, seemingly indifferent at times, and occasionally your server will not be entirely comfortable speaking English. Don’t be deterred by the location or the comments about the people who are staffing the restaurant, sit back and practice some patience, because the food is worth the wait!

    Thanks for all the great downtown cart reviews. I’ve never thought to try No Fish Go Fish, but will now! From the carts reviewed and the comments made about distance to some, it nearly sounds like we’re in a similar part of downtown (I’m near Park & Stark)!

  11. Wow! I’m moving to Portland in 2 months and
    I AM SO HAPPY to find this site! Thanks!

  12. i am spending one day in portland next mo. – can u could suggest a vegan-friendly neighborhood where one might find vegan dining and vegan/green shopping – i’d prefer not to drive but rather trek around on foot. thx

  13. Jab,
    You can check out our map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=105076257768924207701.00043619725e9868773b1&ll=46.526797,-122.615429&spn=2.588723,3.186035&z=8&om=1
    for great neighborhoods like Alberta, Hawthorne and downtown.
    Portland has a fantastic transportation system (www.trimet.org) that can help you get around town in a breeze.

  14. why do you keep reviewing restaurants in OTHER cities, STUMPTOWN vegans?

  15. We both enjoy traveling and sharing our culinary travel experiences with others.

  16. Hey, do you think you could set up an RSS feed so I could get your stuff pulled into my reading list? That would be much appreciated.

  17. Aaron – Let us know what type of reader you’re using and we can help you out since so many blog readers are different.

  18. hey, i noticed veganopolis is not on the map. what’s the deal with that?

  19. Todd – Only reviewed restaurants on are the map.

  20. Aaron, just add http://www.stumptownvegans.com as if it were an RSS feed. That worked for me for Google Reader, Outlook, and OS X Mail.

    pdxvegans, lions den is a possible exception, or is that review simply missing from the index page?

  21. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the assistance.

    Lion’s Den is alphabetically listed in our index as ‘The Lion’s Den’.

  22. I love this website! I tend to go to the same places all the time, but your reviews are getting me excited about trying some new places (namely Tin Shed & Junior’s Cafe) and revisiting those I had forgotton about (like Jam on Hawthorne & No Fish, Go Fish).

    Have you been to Dove Vivi, @ Glisan and 27th? They serve up an awesome vegan pizza with a cormneal based crust. Try it topped with tofu ricotta and/or nutritional yeast and a green salad on the side. Skip the weekend night crowd and go for lunch.

    Also, another family favorite is Blue Moose on NE Fremont. Try the pancakes (served all day), soup or tofu scamble of the day, or any of their other vegan offerings. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed and the owner is super nice.

    Thanks again for this wonderful vegan resource!

  23. Hi Jennifer –
    Thank you for the encouraging words and recommendations!
    We actually have reviews of both Dove Vive (going there for visit #2 tonight!) and Blue Moose in the works.
    Look for them very soon~

  24. I agree with Jennifer this website is awesome. every time I am hungry and can’t decide what to eat I just pull up ya’lls handy map.

    Have you tired the vegan crepes at Tour De Crepes on Alberta? I ate there last week and the crepes were really amazing. I had a sweet potato spinach crepe and my partner had a raspberry chocolate and lime dessert crepe. It did take awhile to get my food but for vegan crepes it was worth the wait. Do you know of any other place in town that has vegan crepes?

  25. Kalie – Thank you! We love being so useful.
    We’ve reviewed Tour de Crepes previously, you can find it in our index. I’m glad you enjoyed the crepes, we sadly had an underwhelming experience – but your crepes sound new, so perhaps they have revamped the menu.

  26. Hi there — I recently found out about a new restaurant in Milwaukie called “Casa de Tamales.” According to information I’ve read, they boast 4 vegan tamales and it looks like a good spot. I don’t know if you’d ever be in the area, but it looks promising. I’ll let you know!

  27. Thanks Sara! We will at it to our long list of places to visit. And please, let us know what you think.

  28. Is there a chance that you might change the format of your reviews a little? I like the way they are when I first read them, but a nice little summary box at the end would be really cool for later when I’m trying to decide where to go eat. It could have separate stars for taste and value (or a price scale) and maybe a recommended dish? It would make a hurried decision really easy. The Oregonian’s food reviews sometimes have boxes like that and they’re nice… Just a thought!

  29. Christine – Have you been listening to our private conversations? Or did we mess up and post a hint at our plans for reworking our rating system?
    It’s funny you ask because that’s just what we are planning on doing, minus the recommended dish. We will take your advice and see if we can add that in. Thanks for your input!

  30. I also routinely rummage through your garbage.

  31. I love reading the blog. I’m not a vegan, but my sister is and I like to look here for good ideas on places that are vegan friendly. I wanted to give you guys a tip for a great (in my opinion) place to pick up vegan and vegetarian friendly fair in Multnomah Village; it’s a tiny cafe called Down To Earth. They’ve got multiple vegan items for breakfast lunch and dinner, and certain vegetarian dishes that can also be modified to be vegan upon request. It’s a tiny family run place and I just think it’s absolutely delicious. My sister and I were ecstatic to find a place so close to home since more of the vegan friendly places are the east side.

  32. Thank you for the great tip, Samantha! We have added it to our list of places to check out~ Make your own scrambles are beckoning!

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