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Episode 20: The Stumptown Vegans Ultimate Guide to One Day in Portland

Having written restaurant reviews for vegans for years, folks often ask us just where they should eat in Portland, OR, and we’re always happy to offer advice.

Now, there are obvious stand-out choices, and some decision-making to take into consideration: How long are you here for? What part of town are you staying in? Are you looking for brunch? Are you seeking gluten-free or raw options? Do you require a burrito? etc.Thinking about the hundreds of vegan bloggers arriving soon for the Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference who will have their hands full and may be wondering the same, we recently sat down in our downtown studio and recorded this casual podcast about our picks for dining, where to stay, where to stop, and what else to do in Portland, OR.

Overall, the two Stumptown Vegans agreed on the vast majority of suggestions, making them super Stumptown Vegans approved!

The entire podcast, where we give our live recommendations, can be heard over at the main site here, along with our show notes, and via Itunes (bear with us if it’s not up yet).


Episode 19: The Stumptown Vegans Mailbag & TIPS F

Curious about the vegan lifestyle? Just starting out on a plant-based path, and confused? Unsure how to order at restaurants? Wondering if you’ll ever find a vegan cheese you’ll like? How do you survive when you’re the only vegan you know? Looking to build, or join, a vegan community?

Join the Stumptown Vegans as they answer these questions, and more, from their built-up mailbag. This conversation includes notes about local, travel, and chain dining.

If you have a question for the Stumptown Vegans,, or tweet @stumptownvegans.

We’ve got Episode 19 posted over on the main website, here.  It should be up on Itunes shortly – stay tuned! We’re figuring out moving our RSS Feed over.

Episode #18: What’s Going On

Episode 18: What’s Going On

The Stumptown Vegans play catch up, while discussing current events in the vegan world, dining with allergies, and recent Portland culinary happenings.

Show Notes:

From Weekend #3 for the Portland Farmers Market at PSU

Tempeh Bento at Cafe Yumm

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And as always, feel free to email or hit up @StumptownVegans on twitter with any tips and suggestions.

Guest Appearance on Breakfasts in Bridgetown

Check out the Stumptown Vegans’ live appearance on Breakfasts in Bridgetown last week.

Webly and Jess catch up with Paul Gerald, the man behind both the recently updated book, and show, to discuss the state of vegan breakfasts in Portland.

Episode 46:

Episode #17: Sustainable Dining

On this episode, the Stumptown Vegans tackle the issue of sustainable dining.  Webly shares her expertise on the subject of sustainability and Jess makes the necessary compost jokes.

We discuss sustainable practices, dining options, and tips.

Stumptown Vegans Episode 17: Sustainable Dining

Stumptown Vegans Tips for Sustainable Dining:
1. Don’t eat meat.  Ever.
2. Walk, bike, or take Trimet to your favorite restaurants.
3. Choose restaurants that offer local, organic, fair trade, menu items.
4. Eat everything on your plate or take your own “to go” container.
5. Refuse extra dispensables you don’t need.
6. Encourage restaurants to change.


If you have any tips about responsible, sustainable dining, please share.

Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli is dedicated to sustainable practices and was a runner up for the BEST awards this year.
Image Credit MsConnections on Flickr

Episode 16: Vegan Bakery Showdown

Episode 16: Vegan Bakery Showdown

The Stumptown Vegans are joined by special guests for a lengthy blind taste test and critical discussions of vegan muffins, scones, chocolate cake/cupcakes, gluten-free selections, and cheesecake from local vegan baked goods providers.

Disclaimers and Set Up:

This podcast contains a no-holds barred, colorful, opinionated conversation amongst delightfully spoiled Portlanders, who all eventually succumb, on air, to sugar overload.  The showdown is based on items acquired on a specific weekend, and purchased with the Stumptown Vegans’ own money.  We were not able to attain everything uniformly, and were missing items normally available from some bakeries. That’s just how the cookie crumbled.

For example, there are chocolate cupcakes and cake reviewed in one category, and generally available scones missing from another. We did not place any special orders.

Even as Stumptown Vegans, we purchased independently and were not aware of where each item was from.

There are vegan-friendly bakeries missing.  If they bake your favorite items, or you disagree with our results, please share!

We do not know when items were baked or prepared.

We aimed to have at least 3 selections for every category.

Coming soon to Stumptown Vegans: the pie graph breakdown, item descriptions, more photos and quotes.

Special Guests:

Show Notes:

The Bakeries:

Additional References:

Thanks to our special guests, Portland’s fantastic vegan bakeries who just keep getting better and better, and for listening!

The Cheesecakes:


Taste test set up:

showdown prep

Portobello Cupcakes & Monkey Wrench Snickerdoodle:


Episode 15: Healthy Spring Dining

To balance the vegan Portland indulgences of deep fried vegan corn dogs, mini pies, multiple vegan bakeries, and coconut battered oreos, the Stumptown Vegans discuss their favorite healthy and nourishing dining options in this fresh, springtime podcast.

This includes the reveal of the Stumptown Vegans’ picks for Portland’s Best Bowls, which you can now check out posted on our website, with photos.

Episode 15: Healthy Spring Dining

Show Notes:

Tastebud Pita from the Farmers Market

Veggie Pita - Tastebud

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