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Episode 16: Vegan Bakery Showdown

Episode 16: Vegan Bakery Showdown

The Stumptown Vegans are joined by special guests for a lengthy blind taste test and critical discussions of vegan muffins, scones, chocolate cake/cupcakes, gluten-free selections, and cheesecake from local vegan baked goods providers.

Disclaimers and Set Up:

This podcast contains a no-holds barred, colorful, opinionated conversation amongst delightfully spoiled Portlanders, who all eventually succumb, on air, to sugar overload.  The showdown is based on items acquired on a specific weekend, and purchased with the Stumptown Vegans’ own money.  We were not able to attain everything uniformly, and were missing items normally available from some bakeries. That’s just how the cookie crumbled.

For example, there are chocolate cupcakes and cake reviewed in one category, and generally available scones missing from another. We did not place any special orders.

Even as Stumptown Vegans, we purchased independently and were not aware of where each item was from.

There are vegan-friendly bakeries missing.  If they bake your favorite items, or you disagree with our results, please share!

We do not know when items were baked or prepared.

We aimed to have at least 3 selections for every category.

Coming soon to Stumptown Vegans: the pie graph breakdown, item descriptions, more photos and quotes.

Special Guests:

Show Notes:

The Bakeries:

Additional References:

Thanks to our special guests, Portland’s fantastic vegan bakeries who just keep getting better and better, and for listening!

The Cheesecakes:


Taste test set up:

showdown prep

Portobello Cupcakes & Monkey Wrench Snickerdoodle:



Episode 13: 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less

Listen as the Stumptown Vegans unveil their picks for 25 Great Vegan Foods in Portland, OR for $7 or less.

This is modeled after recent similar listings by Willamette Week and ExtraMSG, except this time – it’s all vegan!

The full listing is published on Stumptown Vegans.

Instead of the usual Show Notes this episode, we’ll just send you that way!

Episode 13: 25 Great Vegan Foods for $7 or Less

This episode is dedicated to….

Coda was a great friend and will be missed beyond words. There was even a short documentary about her called a Cowboy Hat and a Cane. May she rest in peace.

And Happy Easter from Webly’s Parents:

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P.S. We went really cheap during one of our first podcasts – Cheap Ass Eats: $5 or Less. Recorded in March 2008.

Episode 12: Vegan Wine Discussion and Local Chocolate Review

Episode 12: Vegan Wine Discussion and Local Chocolate Review

Webly and Jess sit down with Jess, a local vegan and professional wine steward, for an in-depth conversation about wine.  Jess, the wine steward, touches upon her personal favorites, what isn’t vegan about a lot of wine, food pairings, regional wines, and more.

All three vegans also sample an array of chocolates purchased from local chocolatiers, and review in detail.  Missionary’s chocolate mint truffle, Sahagun’s brand new Stumptown pure coffee bar, and Alma’s fig and marzipan chocolate, were among the favorites!

Show Notes:


Chocolate Review:

Of course, there are more vegan chocolates available around town, and our selection was limited to what we were able to buy in time.  Please let us know if you have other local favorites to recommend!

Which leads into…

Upcoming Valentine’s Day Events/Vegan Options in Portland

Local Chocolate Review, Round 1
Stumptown Vegans Podcast

Chocolate Prep
Stumptown Vegans Podcast


Please feel free to contact Stumptownvegans [AT] if you’d like to get in touch with Jess, the wine steward, about wine questions or personal consultations.

As always, feel free to email us or contact us on twitter with questions.

P.S. Two Additional Portland Vegan Friendly Wine Notes:

  • We hear that Vino Vixens wine shop on SE Powell is vegan friendly.
  • Alu Wine Bar on NE MLK has a vegan label specifying their vegan friendly wines, as well.

Episode 6: The Let Live Conference

Stumptown Vegans Episode 6: The Let Live Conference

Join the Stumptown Vegans as they discuss the upcoming Let Live Northwest Animal Rights Conference with founders Chad Miller and Josh Hooten.

Hear about the hard work the organizers have put into this passionate event, everything they’re excited about, and why you want to go.  Pretty sure there’s a fart joke or two snuck in, if you listen carefully enough.

The Let Live Conference is taking plate June 26th-28th and you are encouraged to register online, and you can also do so at Food Fight! and Herbivore.

Show Notes:

Chad and Josh:
podcast photo

Let Live Conference June 26th-28th, 2009

Episode 5: Year 2 in Review

Episode 5: Stumptown Vegans Year 2 in Review

The Stumptown Vegans have entered our third  year of providing restaurant reviews of vegan food in Portland!

Our long-awaited return to podcasting (with new technology!) features discussion on recent openings and closings in the Portland restaurant community, highlights of our favorite meals, habitual spots you’ll find us and upcoming reviews.

Show Notes:

Stay tuned for more later this summer!

Available on Itunes here!

Just Thai cart:
April 2009 021

Nutshell Window:

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