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Episode 20: The Stumptown Vegans Ultimate Guide to One Day in Portland

Having written restaurant reviews for vegans for years, folks often ask us just where they should eat in Portland, OR, and we’re always happy to offer advice.

Now, there are obvious stand-out choices, and some decision-making to take into consideration: How long are you here for? What part of town are you staying in? Are you looking for brunch? Are you seeking gluten-free or raw options? Do you require a burrito? etc.Thinking about the hundreds of vegan bloggers arriving soon for the Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference who will have their hands full and may be wondering the same, we recently sat down in our downtown studio and recorded this casual podcast about our picks for dining, where to stay, where to stop, and what else to do in Portland, OR.

Overall, the two Stumptown Vegans agreed on the vast majority of suggestions, making them super Stumptown Vegans approved!

The entire podcast, where we give our live recommendations, can be heard over at the main site here, along with our show notes, and via Itunes (bear with us if it’s not up yet).


Episode 19: The Stumptown Vegans Mailbag & TIPS F

Curious about the vegan lifestyle? Just starting out on a plant-based path, and confused? Unsure how to order at restaurants? Wondering if you’ll ever find a vegan cheese you’ll like? How do you survive when you’re the only vegan you know? Looking to build, or join, a vegan community?

Join the Stumptown Vegans as they answer these questions, and more, from their built-up mailbag. This conversation includes notes about local, travel, and chain dining.

If you have a question for the Stumptown Vegans,, or tweet @stumptownvegans.

We’ve got Episode 19 posted over on the main website, here.  It should be up on Itunes shortly – stay tuned! We’re figuring out moving our RSS Feed over.

Episode #18: What’s Going On

Episode 18: What’s Going On

The Stumptown Vegans play catch up, while discussing current events in the vegan world, dining with allergies, and recent Portland culinary happenings.

Show Notes:

From Weekend #3 for the Portland Farmers Market at PSU

Tempeh Bento at Cafe Yumm

Note: We’ve decided to move our podcasts over to this main site (from – the things you learn through the years) and will have more coming this way soon – to keep updated, make sure to subscribe to our bright and shiny new feed!

This episode may not be available just yet, but we have an Itunes store with free downloads you can subscribe to and check out all our past podcasts, as well.

And as always, feel free to email or hit up @StumptownVegans on twitter with any tips and suggestions.

Episode 4: Portland Vegfest

Stumptown Vegans Episode #4: VegFest Review with Karla of Veganshizzle

The 4th Annual Portland Vegfest, presented by NW Veg, was held on May 9th and 10th, 2008 and we made sure to be there.

Whether you attended or not, listen us as we discuss our favorite samples, why we go, what we learned in cooking classes, and what we really think about Temptation Ice Cream.

We’re joined by vegan product review specialist and fellow Portlander, Karla from Veganshizzle. Brace yourself for a ton of show notes!

Show Notes:

may 2008 early 026

Episode 3: Interview with Julie Hasson

Stumptown Vegans Episode #3 Interview with Julie Hasson

Welcome to our first interview!

We recently talked to local cookbook author and Everyday Dish vegan cooking show host, Julie Hasson.

Join us as we discuss cooking, veganism in families, why she moved to the Portland area and her upcoming projects – featuring a pie book with tons of vegan recipes and new segments for Everyday Dish.

Show Notes:

More interviews to come!

Episode 2: Cheap Eats

Stumptown Vegans Podcast #2: Cheap Eats

Cheap Vegans Gather Around!

In our second podcast, we celebrate our savvy use of $5 or so around Portland. Is your cheapass lunch spot or happy hour mentioned?

Show Notes:

Thanks for listening!

Let us know if you have any topics you’d like to see discussed, and how the listening experience was for you.

Episode 1: Favorites

Stumptown Vegans Podcast Episode 1: Favorites

Welcome to our first podcast, focusing on our favorite food in Portland.

This episode mainly includes food carts, new and old favorites, etc. We’re proud to bring you this extension of, our Portland vegan restaurant reviews website.

Show Notes: